Kukamishin-ryû is a small ryûha, with only a few hundred practitioners. This means that it will not be easy to join a training group in your area; on the other hand, it’s a tight budo family with very short lines to the shihanke.

For those interested in traditional koryu bujutsu, the school has a lot to offer. In return however, membership demands a lot of time and effort. Training in a local keikokai alone will not suffice; you will have to be prepared to travel to Belgium or Japan to deepen your understanding.

Training in Japan

At the moment there is no Hombu Dojo in Japan, as Takatsuka Eichoku shihanke

moved to a remote area in Yoshino some years ago. Sensei has recently moved back to Osaka area, so this may change in the future.

Training takes place on appointment, with Takatsuka shihanke in Osaka, or with Yoshida Eirei Shihan in Kyoto.

De Nagoya dojo of Ishida Eiseki shihan is, since his passing away in April 2017, under supervision of the shihanke.

Training outside of Japan

Currently there are Kukamishin-ryû training groups in  Belgium, Switserland, Russia, Ukraine, Texas, The Netherlands and Italy. The only westerner of teacher level (Menkyo Kaiden) is Stefan (Eishun) de Schrijver. He lives and trains in Durbuy, Belgium. De Schrijver sensei leads the European Kukamishin Keikokai and is supervisor for the activities of Kukamishin-ryû in Europa. The Holland Keikokai is a small training group that has been coming together weekly in Utrecht and Amsterdam since 2014.


The Japanse Kukamishin-ryû is under construction and not available at the moment.

Information is posted occasionally on the facebook page of the ryû:

九鬼神流顕彰会Kukamishinryu society


In 2012 Takatsuka sensei published a book (in Japanese) on the history and culture of Kukamishin-ryû, named Shinden Bujutsu (ISBN978-4-9906470-1-8).

The website of the Europe Kukamishin Keikokai is also still under construction.

Information on the Holland Keikokai can be found on www.koryu.nl and on the facebook page:

Kukamishin-ryu Holland Keikokai 九鬼神流オランダ稽古会



If you want to know more, please contact:

Stefan de Schrijver



Frank Reemer


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Takatsuka shihanke instructs hanbô-jutsu in Kashihara Jukendojo. With Stefan de Schrijver and (in the background) Kanai Shuei shihan.
Keiko with Yoshida shihan in the kendo dojo of Hanazono University, Kyoto.
Naginata-jutsu with Stefan de Schrijver sensei in Durbuy, Belgium.

Shinden Bujutsu, by Takatsuka shihanke