Footnote Takamatsu shihan:

In the years prior to the second world war Takamatsu Chôsui (also known under the  name Kikaku or Toshitsugu) distanced himself from the de Kuki family and the other Kukishin-ryû teachers. In 1934 he did not comply to the request of the ill Nangaku, to take charge of the Shobukyoku. Together with his students Akimoto Fumio and Kimura Masaji, he founded the Kashihara Shobukyoku in 1950, thereby breaking with the Kuki family definitely.

He seems to have parted with the organisation on good terms, which is evident from his correspondence with soke Kuki Takaharu, in which he explained his motives.

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Takamatsu Chôsui shihan in front his diner Maru no Ichi, near Kashihara Jingumae.

Takamatsu Chôsui, at old age teaching in the Kashihara Jukendôjô (kashihara Jingumae, Nara-ken. Demolished in 2017).